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Anker 1

50 €

A mere 50€ is the meager sum earned by an exceedingly underpaid truck driver for the arduous Moscow to Rotterdam route, spanning approximately 2500 kilometers. A plate of succulent schnitzel accompanied by a portion of golden fries commands a steep price of 13.99€ at the Garbsen rest stop. A carbonated cola elicits a charge of 3.5€, while the privilege of a restroom visit demands an additional euro. Even this rudimentary comparison starkly illuminates the unforgiving existence of a long-haul trucker—a life unfairly remunerated considering the profound economic significance of this industry.


Within the confines of my labor, I have immersed myself in an examination of the Garbsen rest stop, as well as those resolute individuals who transform it into their nocturnal haven, night after night. In this pursuit, I have diligently endeavored to cast a discerning gaze upon the lived reality of these intrepid denizens of the highway.

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