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The Gagauz people are a Turkic ethnic group, primarily residing in the politically semi-autonomous region of Gagauzia within the territory of the Republic of Moldova. The majority of Gagauz people adhere to the Christian Orthodox faith and speak Gagauz, a variant of Turkish that can be written in both Latin and Cyrillic scripts. Additionally, almost all Gagauz people speak Russian as a second language. Due to their Turkic heritage and the influence of the Soviet Union during its existence, Gagauz culture has evolved into a blend of Russian and Turkish elements.

Politically, many Gagauz people align themselves with Russia. Some even express a desire for the return of the Soviet Union or for Gagauzia to join the Russian Federation. When the St. George's Ribbon is banned in the Republic of Moldova following the incursion of Russian troops into Ukraine, it becomes a symbol of Gagauz rejection of the Moldovan state. Gagauz politicians intentionally wear it more frequently in public as a sign of defiance.

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